Liquid Limit Device


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Liquid Limit Device
Manual Liquid Limit DevicePlastic grooving tool

The Manual and Motorised Liquid Limit Apparatus (Casagrande) are used to determine the moisture content at which clay soils pass from plastic to liquid state. The devices consist of an adjustable crank and cam mechanism, a blow counter and a removable brass cup fitted on the base.
Different models with the same shape but with different base and cup weights are available according to the required specifications. Manual and Motorised versions are available.
All Liquid Limit Devices supplied complete with a plastic grooving tool. Suitable type of grooving tools should be ordered separately.


  • BS 1377:2
  • ASTM D4318
  • AASHTO T89
  • TS 1900-1

  • Product Type Manual Motorised
    Weight Kg 2 4.2
    Dimensions mm 240 x 230 x 150 200 x 290 x 170

    Accessories are not included in the price of main device (unless stated otherwise) and may be purchased separately if required.

    Photo? N.A TS-0215
    Metal Grooving Tool and Gauge Block, ASTM
    Photo? N.A TS-0216
    Plastic Grooving Tool ASTM, 10 pcs.
    Photo? N.A TS-0217
    Plastic Grooving Tool BS, 10 pcs.
    Photo? N.A TS-0218
    Brass Grooving Tool AASHTO
    Resilience (Rebound) Tester ASTM
    Photo? N.A TS-0221
    Resilience (Rebound) Tester TS 1900-1; AASHTO
    Photo? N.A TS-0225
    Spare Brass Cup, for all Models
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