TEST-E Series Computer Controlled Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine


TEST-E Series Computer Controlled Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

The TEST-E Series Computer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is the ideal choice for all your testing needs, capable of testing a wide range of flat and round specimens. The TEST-E Series UTM’s also have a controllable speed range to comply with current International standards. The TEST-E series can also carry out compression/ flexural testing on concrete cubes and beams up to 2000 kN.


  • ISO6892: DIN EN 10002-1, JIS Z2241, BS-18, and ASTM E8: Metallic Material-Tensile Testing at ambient temperature
  • ASTM A370: Standard Test Methods and Definitions for Mechanical Testing of Steel Products
  • ASTM E4: Standard Practices for Force Verification of Testing Machines
  • EN 10002-4: Tensile Testing Of Metallic Materials – Verification of Extensometers used In Uniaxial Testing
  • ISO7500-1: Verification of Tension / Compression Testing Machines
  • Functions and Applications

    Model TEST-E Series computer control electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is suitable to test various metallic & non-metallic materials for tension, compression, bending and shearing strength. It is simple, easy to operate and widely used in work shops, laboratories and schools for material properties research and quality control. Equipped with a PC, Software & Printer, it can display, record, process and print test results, control the selected test procedures and draws test curves automatically in real-time. The machine complies with ASTM, DIN, ISO standards.

    Load Frame

  • Rigid four-colum n design, with two-lead ball screws
  • Dual work space design: Upper for tension, Lower for compression or bending tests
  • Movable lower crosshead providing ease of operation
  • Accurate force measurement through a precision load cell
  • Open front h ydraulic wedge grips for easy change of inserts and specimen loading
  • Integrated displacement photoelectric encoder
  • Safety Features

  • Overload protection: When the testing load is over 2%-5% of Max. Load, the system will unload
  • Stroke protection: When the ram arrives at the upper limited position, the motor will stop
  • Software

  • The software is structured to allow the user to carry out the tests with minimum input
  • Features full digital close-loop control modes, such as test load, displacement, stress and strain
  • Different control modes can be switched between each easily
  • Integrated test procedures, programmable steps up to 100 steps, software can also be extended to complete more complex testing procedures
  • The software design aims to be easy and convenient in the testing operation. The software can also be amended to carry out multi batch testing
  • Automatic data processing, processing method complies with multi international standards, such as ISO6892-1998, EN10002-1:2001 and ASTM
  • International units are used as standard, such as SI, metric measurement, etc. system unit and British so the system can be used in various countries
  • Manual data processing can be used to process various kinds of test data
  • Test reports, can be stored, printed and re-analysed
  • Test data is stored in the form of ‘text mode’, and any general commercial data processing software can used to reprocess any test data
  • Features assorted test curves
  • Integrated docum ent operating system , for example, test report, test parameter, system parameters can be stored in the form of ‘text mode’
  • Compatible with different commercial printers
  • Control system is software based, so upgrading the system is easy
  • Software TEST-E

    Key Technical Features

  • Test curves mode : Load-Deformation, Load-Time, Load -Displacement, Stress-Strain, Deformation-Time, Displacement-Time, Load-Strain
  • Parameters processed with computer: Upper & lower yield point strength ReH point, break ing strength, stress, deformation, elastic modulus & бP0.2.etc.
  • Control Mode: Servo Control (Displacement, Load, Strain, Stress)
  • Model TEST-300E/400E TEST-500E/600E TEST-1000E TEST-2000E
    Max. Capacity (kN) 300/400 500/600 1000 2000
    Measuring range 2% to 100% of rated capacity (for TEST-1000E, it is 20-1000kN)
    Load Accuracy (%) ±1.0/0.5
    Deformation accuracy (μm) ±1.0/0.5
    Load resolution 1/200000
    Displacement resolution 0.001mm
    Testing speed range (mm/min) 0.2-50
    Crosshead moving speed (mm/min) 200
    Piston stroke (mm) 250
    Distance between columns (mm) 445 x 195 475 x 185 565 x 255 840 x 400
    Max. Tension space (Including piston stroke (mm) 690 750 750 1000
    Round insert (mm) Ф9-20, Ф20-32 Ф13-26, Ф26-40c Ф20-40, Ф40-60 Ф20-40, Ф40-60, Ф60-80
    Flat insert (mm) 0 – 15 0-15, 15-30 0-30, 10-40 10-40, 40-70
    Max. Com pression space (mm) 540 610 620 850
    Dimension of platen (mm) Φ128 x 30 Φ128 x 30 Φ148 x 40 Φ200 x 60
    Span of bending attachment (mm) 30-480 30-500 50-500 50-720
    Length of roller (mm) 120 120 160 180
    Height of supporter of bending (mm) 100 100 180 180
    Computer Data Processing Upper & lower yield point, Max load point, testing load of breaking point, stress, deformation, elongation rate, elastic module & Rp0.2.et
    Power (kW) 1.7 2.1 3 4
    Power supply 380/220V, 3Ph, 50/60H
    Dimension of load frame (mm) 725 x 560 x 1950 770 x 600 x 2130 900 x 650 x 2380 1300 x 900 x 3260
    Dimension of power package (mm) 550 x 750 x 1410
    Weight of machine (Kg) 1300 2600 3700 8800

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