300 kN Servo Controlled Universal Automatic Bending Test Machine


300 kN Servo Controlled Universal Automatic Bending Test Machine

TC-5556 Servo Controlled Universal Automatic Bending Test Machine is specially configured for energy absorption capacity tests on fibre reinforced sprayed concrete specimens. The machine can be used for:

  • Energy absorption capacity test on fibre reinforced sprayed concrete slab specimens
  • Four point bending strengths ( first peak, ultimate and residual) tests on fibre reinforced concrete beam specimens.
  • EFNARC three point bending test on square panel with notch
  • Flexural strength test of concrete beams, paving flags and kerbs
  • Measuring of deflection on concrete beams
  • The machine consist of extremely high stiffness frame and servo controlled hydraulic power pack.

    Loading Frame

    The frame of machine is designed torsionally stiff up to the maximum load of 300 kN with anti-rotation system to prevent the natural tendency to rotate the columns of frame. The four columns of frame are clamped with zero clearance. Test cylinder mounted on the top crosshead has double-action with long piston stroke in servo slide quality (particularly low friction). The displacement measurement is achieved through the displacement transducer built in piston. A directly actuated servo-valve is mounted on the test cylinder, to ensure a quick and highly precise process during testing. An anti-rotation device prevents twisting the piston rod from twisting with the top bending beam and the precision load cell. The test chamber contains adjustable supports. The top bending beam can be very easily modified from the 3 point test to the 4 point test. Optionally, other test devices are available for installation. The drive and controls are located in the separate power pack.

    Power Pack

    The power pack contains a hydraulic pump and a fine flow oil filter. The hydraulic unit consists of a high-pressure radial piston pump. All operating and control elements are located on the power pack. The powerpack consists of oil level indicator, high temperature indicator, mechanical filter clogged indicator and cooling unit. Different tests with automatic test sequence can be performed by help of the free software. The accessories for different tests should be ordered separately.


  • EN 12390-5
  • EN 1339
  • EN 1340
  • EN 14488-3
  • EN 14488-5
  • ASTM C78
  • ASTM C293
  • ASTM C1018

  • Key Features

  • Pace rate control from 0.01 kN/s to 100kN/s (depends on the specimen stiffness)
  • 3 analogue channels for displacement transducers, extensometers, etc. built in the system as an addition to frame load cells
  • Instrumentation amplifiers for sensor excitation and amplification
  • 1/65.000 resolution and 1.000 Hz control for each channel
  • Ethernet port for connecting to computer
  • 240×320 pixel LCD display
  • Touchscreen operator panel
  • Can execute load, displacement or strain controlled tests for post peak
  • Free of charge PC software for test control and advanced report printout
  • Multiple language support
  • Real-time clock and date
  • Safety Features

  • Maximum pressure valves to avoid machine overloading
  • Piston travel limit switch
  • Emergency stop button
  • Software controlled maximum load value
  • Data Acquisition & Control Software

    Servo Controlled Universal Bending Test Machine can be controlled (Start, Stop commands) by a computer with the free of charge software supplied with the machine. This software provides data acquisition and management for compression, flexure and splitting tensile test throughout the test execution. The engineering values such as modulus, toughness, energy has been supported. The advanced functions for data base management provide an easy navigation of all saved data. The test results certificate includes all descriptive information. Test parameters can be set and details about the test carried out such as customer details, test type, specimen type, user info and other information required can be entered and printed out as well as test report and graph.

    Capacity kN 300
    Accuracy Class Class 1 EN ISO 7500-1 starting from 1% of the capacity
    Force Measurement Range 3 to 300 kN
    Test Speed Range 0.01 – 50 mm/min
    Load Rate 0.001 – 15 kN/s (Depends on specimen stiffness)
    Distance Between The Columns (front/side) 900/300 mm
    Maximum Vertical Clearance (Lower crosshead at middle stroke) 450 mm (without accessories)
    Maximum Piston Movement 250 mm
    Power 1500 W
    Electrical Requirement 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
    Maximum Working Pressure 280 bar
    Dimensions Frame
    Power Pack
    1200 x 600 x 2045
    1100 x 700 x 1030
    Weight Kg
    Power Pack

    ¹ others available upon

    Calibration & Maintenance

    Calibration, Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts are available for this device. Please enquire for further details. Note: This device should be checked and calibrated annually.

    Accessories are not included in the price of main device (unless stated otherwise) and may be purchased separately if required.

    Flexural Testing Assemblies for Concrete beams
    Set of 2 upper rollers and 2 lower rollers of 38mm dia and 160 mm length
    Flexural Testing Assemblies for concrete kerb.
    Set of 2 lower roller of 38mm dia.x620mm length and upper load point of 40 mm dia with ball seating
    Flexural Test Assembly Set of 2 lower roller and 1 upper roller of 38 mm dia. and 620 mm length
    Auxiliary Testing Frames For The Measurement of Deflection on Concrete Beams with 2 pcs Linear Potentiometric Displacement Transducer, for 100x100x400/500 mm and 150x150x500/600 mm beams
    Auxiliary Testing Frames For The Measurement of Deflection on Concrete Beams with 2 pcs. High Accurate Displacement Transducer, for 100x100x400/500 mm and 150x150x500/600 mm beams
    Energy absorption capacity test assemblies for fibre reinforced sprayed concrete slab specimens, EN 14488-5 and UNI 10834
    Flexural Testing Assembly Set for EFNARC Three Point BendingTest on Square Panel with Notch, Set of 2 lower rollers and 1 upper rollers of 30 mm dia and 620 mm length

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