CBR Swelling Test


Product Code: TS-0790

CBR Swelling Test

CBR Swelling Test equipment is used to monitor the swelling by placing it on top of the soil sample. The swell test consists of perforated plate (swell plate) with adjustable stem, dial gauge and dial gauge tripod for mounting swell dial gauge in position on CBR Mould Collar.

Each product written above should be ordered separately for swelling test.


  • EN 13286-47
  • ASTM D1183
  • AASHTO T193
  • BS 1377:4
  • BS 1924:2
  • Key Features

  • Robust construction
  • Easy Assembly

  • Product code Name Dimensions mm Weight Kg
    TS-0790 Swell Plate 180 X 180 X 160 2.5
    TS-0792 Tripod 200 X 200 X 300 1
    TGM-0120 Analog Gauge 150 X 100 X 80 0.5
    TS-0794 CBR Soaking Tank 500 X 700 X 400 3

    Each product should be ordered separately for swelling test.

    Swell Plate for CBR Swelling Test
    Photo? N.A TS-0792
    Tripod for CBR Swelling Test
    Analog Dial Gauge 30 mm travel x 0.001 mm division
    Digital Dial Gauge 25 x 0.01 mm, LCD Display Data Output
    Photo? N.A TGM-0152
    Digital Dial Gauge 12.7 x 0.001 mm, LCD Display Data Output
    CBR Soaking Tank (6 pcs. CBR Mould Capacity)
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