PC-Controlled Automatic Blaine Apparatus


Product Code: TCM-0036

PC-Controlled Automatic Blaine Apparatus

TCM-0036 PC Controlled Automatic Blaine Apparatus Dyckerhoff system for the fully automatic test procedure and evaluation supplied complete with software. The Apparatus is used to determine particle size of powder materials such as portland cement and lime in terms of their specific surface according to the Blain technique. Measuring cell is 41 mm dia. and the volume is approx. 73 cm³. TCM-0036/01 Calibration Sand 1 (coarse), (specific surface approx. 2800 cm²/g officially tested 600g). TCM-0036/02 Calibration Sand 2 (fine) specific surface approx. 4000 cm²/g officially tested approx. 600 g, Dial Gauge for measurement the filling level of the measuring cell and PC with monitor which is necessary for using the device should be ordered seperately for TCM-0036.


  • EN 196-6
  • ASTM C204
  • PC Controlled Automatic Blaine Apparatus is supplied complete with:

  • Fill oil
  • Syringe with tube
  • Tamper
  • 500 pcs. round filter paper (Ø 41mm)
  • 10 pcs. dust filter (Ø13mm)

  • TCM-0036/01
    Calibration Sand 1 (coarse)
    Calibration Sand 2 (fine)
    Dial Gauge
    Automatic Blaine Apparatus
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