Indentation Testing Machine


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Indentation Testing Machine

A high quality machine for the indentation test with advanced auto data logging software to record and present the results via real time charts

The Indentation Testing Machine CRT-IND for determining the resistance to penetration of road and mastic asphalt by loading a cylindrical pin and measuring the indentation in a sample over a given time. The CRT-IND comprises of a frame incorporating a stainless steel water bath with drain facility, method of applying the 500 Newton load and means of recording the test results.* Immersion heater is not included but can be offered as additional equipment. The apparatus conforms to the requirements of EN 12697-20.The maximum nominal size of the aggregates should be less or equal to 16 mm. It comes with optional auto data logging software which saves test data files, shows a graphical representation of the test in real time, reduces operator involvement and thus eliminates chances of error.


  • EN 12697-20
  • Key Features

  • Auto data logging software available which:
    - Reduces operator involvement
    - Eliminates chances of error
    - Generates graphical representation of the test in real time
    - Saves operator data, sample information data, time, and pertinent information relevant to the specific sample on test
    - Reduces test costs significantly

  • Heater element to comply with both temperatures requested by EN standard
  • Stainless steel
  • Temperature controlled water bath with drain facility
  • Digital indicator with digital communications.
  • CE Marked and Made in United Kingdom

  • Key Use

  • Determines the depth of indentation.
  • To test the behavior of mastic asphalt, rolled and other such asphalts.

  • Software

  • CRT-INSOFT, A Cooper Technology designed and developed software package that allows for the automatic capture to PC of test data from the indentation test at the two required test temperatures* and over the four time durations. This software shows a graphical representation of the test in real time, storing the data in text files that can subsequently be opened in Excel.
  • *Additional function allows the user to input a temperature between 5°C (or ambient if higher) and 95°C.

    Preliminary Force (25 ± 1) N
    Total Test Force (525 ± 1) N
    100 mm2 Indentor Pin Diameter mm (11.3 ± 0.1)
    500 mm2 Indentor Pin Diameter mm (25.2 ± 0.1)
    Indentor Pin length ≥20 mm
    Indentor Pin Thread Length 8 mm (approx.)
    Deflection of Apparatus Upon Application of Force mm <0.01
    Base Plate Thickness mm >20
    Water Tank Capacity 25 litres
    Water Temperature Range Ambient or 5 °C (whichever is higher) to 95 °C
    Water Temperature Stability ± 0.5 °C
    Digital Indicator Resolution mm 0.01
    Digital Indicator Communications Protocol Digimatic via USB 2.0
    Weight Kg 75 (approx.)
    Dimensions mm (w x d x h) 500 x 800 x 1000
    Electrical Supply 240 VAC, 1φ, 50/60 Hz, 4.5 A, 1 kW

    ¹ others available upon request

    Calibration & Maintenance

    Calibration, Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts are available for this device. We can also offer UKAS calibrated temperature monitoring at an extra cost.Note: This device should be calibrated and checked annually. Please enquire for further details.

    Accessories are not included in the price of main device (unless stated otherwise) and may be purchased separately if required.

    Photo N.A CRT-PTM69
    Penetration Test Mould 69 mm (adjustable mould) Used during the cube penetration test.
    Photo N.A CRT-CUBM
    Cube mould 70.7mm to prepare indentation specimens
    Photo N.A CRT-IMHEAT
    Immersion heater
    Photo N.A CRT-INDHD100
    Spare Indent Heads 100 mm2 Pin Diameter
    Photo N.A CRT-INDHD500
    Spare Indent Heads 500 mm2 Pin Diameter
    Photo N.A CRT-INSOFT
    INSOFT Software
    Saves data from the indent test at the two test temperatures* and over the four time durations. Also shows a graphical representation of the test in real time. *Additional function allows the user to input a temperature between 5 degrees Celsius (or ambient if higher) and 95 degrees Celsius. laptop included with the software
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