Travelling Beam Device


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Travelling Beam Device

The TAS-0115 Travelling Beam Device is used to check for any irregularities in both concrete and bituminous road surfaces. The apparatus consists essentially of a 3 meter length beam with rigid wheels at the extremities and wheels in the middle.
A sensing unit comprising of a wheel connected to an indicator provides a magnification of 4:1. Deviation of the surface from a straight-line is shown on a scale calibrated in increments of 2 mm in the 0-10 mm range and 5 mm increments in the 10-25 mm range. It comprises of a manual dye marker which is used to mark irregular surface sections when found.


  • EN 12697-30
  • ASTM D1559
  • ASTM D6926
  • ASTM D5581
  • AASHTO T245
  • Key Features

  • 3m Beam Length
  • Manual Dye Marker

  • Dimensions (packed dimensions) 330 x 1800 x 600
    Weight Kg 55
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