Slake Durability Apparatus


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Slake Durability Apparatus

This test method has been developed to assess the deterioration of rocks over a period of time when subjected to water immersion. Slake durability is a simulated weathering test to determine abrasion resistance during wetting and drying cycles of shale and similar soft rocks as used in embankments and other construction-related applications.
Samples are alternately tumbled in mesh drums through a water medium and oven-dried for two cycles. The percent loss of mass is referred to as the slake durability index.
The TR-0800 Slake Durability Apparatus consists of a motorised drive unit which is mounted on a baseplate and which can rotate two or four drums at a speed of 20 rpm. The tank assemblies are filled with water to a level 20 mm below the drum axis. The test drums are manufactured from 2.00 mm mesh, 140 mm dia. x 100 mm long.


  • ASTM D4644

  • Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 1300 x 150 x 450
    Weight Kg 15

    Pair of Mesh Drums for TR-0800
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