Sand Equivalent Test Set


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Sand Equivalent Test Set

The Sand Equivalent Test Sets are used to determine the fines of aggregates together with TA-0510 Sand Equivalent Shaker.
TA-0515 Washing and Flocculating (Stock Solution) should be ordered separately.


  • EN 933-8
  • ASTM D2419
  • AASHTO T176
  • UNI 8520-15
  • UNE 83131
  • CNR No.27
  • Key Features

  • EN & ASTM Sets available
  • Carry Case Included
  • Supplied With:

    The Sand Equivalent Test Set is supplied complete with:

  • Transparent Graduated Acrylic Plastic Measuring Cylinder, 4 units for TA-0500/A
  • Transparent Acrylic Plastic Measuring Cylinder, 4 units for TA-0500/E
  • Siphon Assembly (irrigator tube with valve, solid rubber stopper, siphon tube and hose, blow tube)
  • Plastic Can, 5 L
  • Weighted Foot Assembly
  • Measuring Can
  • Wide-Mouth Funnel
  • Ruler
  • Special Carrying Case
  • Dimensions mm 500 x 870 x 270
    Weight (approx.) Kg 15

    TA-0502/E Sand Equivalent Measuring Two Graduated Cylinder, EN
    TA-0502/A Sand Equivalent Measuring Graduated Cylinder, ASTM
    TA-0504 Sand Equivalent Measuring Can, 85 ml
    TA-0506 Sand Equivalent Siphon Assembly
    TA-0507/E Sand Equivalent Test Plunger Assembly, EN
    TA-0507/A Sand Equivalent Weighted Foot Assembly, ASTM
    TA-0515 Washing and Flocculating Solution (Stock Solution), 1 lt

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