Magnesium Sulphate and Sodium Sulphate Test Water Bath


Product Code: TA-0840

Magnesium Sulphate and Sodium Sulphate Test Water Bath

Magnesium Sulphate and Sodium Sulphate Tests are used for determining the soundness of aggregates when subjected to weathering action such as freezing and thawing cycles. It should be noted that other equipment like ovens, sieves, balances etc. are also required to perform these tests.
Sodium Sulphate can be used instead of Magnesium Sulphate according to the ASTM standard. TGG-2415 Hydrometer 1100- 1200 g/ml is required for the test with Sodium Sulphate. (The temperature of test solution that is in the dipping chamber produced of stainless steel can be automatically adjusted to required temperature with the heating and cooling system of the TA-0840). Homogeneous temperature distribution can be obtained with the water circulation pump. The temperature controller is a microprocessor type. The Magnesium Sulphate / Sodium Sulphate Test Water Bath can be used as a general purpose water bath when the dipping cabinet is removed.


  • EN 1367-2
  • EN 13450
  • ASTM C88
  • UNI 8520-10
  • UNE 7136
  • Product Code Dimensions mm (W x D x H) Weight Kg
    TA-0840 650 x 550 x 1000 60
    TW-1008 120 x 120 x 160 1
    TGH-1460 Ø160 x 235 0.25
    TW-1017 Ø230 x 260 1
    TGH-1465 Ø270 x 300 0.25
    TGG-2415 30 x 30 x 300 0.1
    TGG-2420 30 x 30 x 300 0.1
    Dipping Chamber 300 x 380 x 400 0.1

    Density Basket, 120 mm dia x 160 mm deep, 3,35 mm mesh, EN/ASTM
    Lever Lid Container Ø160 mm dia x 235 mm deep for TW-1008, EN/ASTM
    Density Basket, 230 mm dia x 260 mm deep, 4 mm mesh, EN
    Lever Lid Container Ø270 mm dia x 300 mm deep for TW-1008, EN
    Hydrometer 1100-1200 g/ml, ASTM
    Hydrometer 1200-1300 g/ml, EN/ASTM
    Sodium Sulphate, 1 kg, ASTM
    Magnesium Sulphate, 1 kg, EN/ASTM