Cooper Academy

Cooper Academy aims to establish long term relationship with the universities, research laboratories and professional institutions to strengthen research and promote global best practices in the civil engineering and materials testing. Our expertise often plays a critical part in the development of new, and existing test standards. We are at the forefront of standard development, working closely with key decision makers worldwide and harnessing links with new related industries ensuring that practical solutions to everyday problems are achieved.

Our heritage is one of close links with the pavement engineering department of Nottingham University. This department, now known as NTEC, has global recognition and is considered as being at the forefront of pavement research. Our longstanding relationship with Nottingham is today as strong as ever. The current KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) establishes our position at the cutting edge of unbound materials technology.

We have a working agreement with the Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC) at the University of Nottingham and TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) under which we cooperate on UK and international transport projects involving:

  • the supply of specialist laboratory equipment
  • research and testing procedures
  • training of operatives and development of expertise
  • professional research and consultancy
Dominik Jutkowiak Viateco Ltd, Cooper Authorised Agent in Poland since 1998

We would like to express our gratitude for organising such a wonderful and excellently conducted technical training session providing us with a lot of valuable information and knowledge letting us work more effectively and offer higher standards of our services. We appreciate and we are very grateful to Carl for devoting a lot of his time and his best knowledge for our training. Furthermore we are also very thankful to Marianne for such an outstanding organisation of every single detail of our visit. You are all very welcome to come and visit us down here as well. We are looking forward to our future cooperation with you all